American’s Fleet Upgrade

American Airlines announced their order for 460 new planes, 260 from Airbus and 200 from Boeing, this morning to modernize its domestic fleet.  This weekend, I had the “joy” of riding in two MD-82’s slated to be replaced by these new planes.

Once you’ve seen the legroom of one American Airlines exit row, you’ve likely seen them all.

I cleared as a standby on both of my segments to get out to Albuquerque.  Both flights were nearly full in economy but had plenty of seats available in first.  While I declined to take an earlier flight as a standby to try to get denied boarding compensation instead with Continental, I’m reasonably confident my chances of scoring a bump on my originally ticketed flights wasn’t that great.  If worse came to worse, the gate agents could have started operationally upgrading passengers to first.

The entrance lobby features a 1914 Ingram/Foster Biplane in its atrium.

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