On my way to Las Vegas, I had a stop at IAH to switch over to a 757-300 scheduled to depart at 5:35PM.

My flight from PHL got in a bit early so I had time to leisurely enjoy the sprawling amalgamation of terminals to check on the 3:45PM departure to Las Vegas. While the gate agent there acknowledged my original flight would likely be oversold, she couldn’t process me as a volunteer thereby entitled to even the slightest compensation nor could I obtain anything better than a middle seat somewhere in the back of the plane. I declined and headed over to my original flight’s gate, now delayed to a 6:38PM departure due to a late arriving aircraft:



Unsurprisingly, once the podium was staffed, they sought out volunteers. Unlike United which generally offers a flat $400 in travel vouchers, Continental was offering $250 and a ticket for the 9:00PM departure. I’m seeing Penn & Teller tonight, so I was hoping for something a bit higher to convince me to miss the show and give up my first class seat.

This flight had a full vegetarian dinner available: Cheese ravoli with marinara, salad, and minestrone soup.


The meal was rounded out by blueberry cheesecake.


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