Same Day Confirmed Change

I was originally scheduled to leave Las Vegas Sunday morning. United and Continental recently aligned their same-day confirmed flight change policies, so I rescheduled my LAS-LAX-ORD-EWR segments into a single LAS-EWR redeye operated by Continental.

Based on this single data point, same-day confirmed flight changes with Continental are a pain. My inquiries in IAH for standby on the earlier flight and adding my name to the volunteer list on my scheduled flight messed up my reservation, requiring me to wait on hold while the elite desk fixed it and updated my itinerary.

McCarran International Airport offers visitors a few aviation related sights land-side. The Cessna 172 “Hacienda” hangs over the baggage claim area. I stopped to take a photo on my way to the security checkpoint for the D concourse.


Last night’s redeye was on a Boeing 737-924ER.

My upgrade to first class cleared at the gate. Taking off from runway 25R, I had to wait a bit for my left-side window seat to come into view of the Las Vegas Strip at night.

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