Europe for the Holidays: An Introduction

For Christmas and New Years, I decided I would try booking earlier than last year (the Friday before Christmas weekend).  This didn’t actually prove to be particularly useful:  My final outbound flight wasn’t booked until the night before.  To give a glimpse of my trip construction, with an outbound on 12/22 and a return commencing 12/30:

  • 12/11: ZRH-EWR (UA J)
  • 12/15: LAX-SFO-FRA (UA F) / ZRH-EWR (UA J)
  • 12/21: LAX-MUC (LH F) / ZRH-EWR (UA J)
  • 12/22: LAX-MUC-VIE (LH F, J) / ZRH-EWR (UA J)
  • 12/27: LAX-MUC-VIE (LH F, J) / ZRH-FRA-JFK (LX J, LH F)

It looks messy, but on a map, the final flights are close to the “I better book something, just so I can get there” flights I chose:

With the then-impending United devaluation in February, I was thrilled to pick up two seats in Lufthansa First.

As I wanted to move between several European cities during my trip, I booked three flights with Avios, eventually finishing the itinerary with:

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