A Need for Speed: Introduction

In late August, cheap fares to Dublin returned, so I picked one up in anticipation of working on my American Executive Platinum requalification.  As I was packing flights into my fall schedule, I wound up scheduling this trip the day after my drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, leaving me with effectively a long layover in New York City.

LAX-EWR / JFK-LHR-DUB-DUS-ORD-LAXThe main ticket (NYC-DUB-LAX) was booked with American, in hope of clearing into business class with a systemwide upgrade.

As far as the trip title goes, I:

  • Departed New York on Wednesday for San Francisco
  • Departed Los Angeles on Thursday for New York
  • Departed New York on Friday for London
  • Returned from Düsseldorf the following Thursday

15316 miles in 9 days… an average speed of 70 miles per hour, a need for speed.

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