AA-US Elite Qualification

Despite plenty of speculation that American and US Airways would certainly merge EQM balances for travel occurring in 2014, a quiet FAQ update (only appear on usairways.com!) indicates this is not the case.

“Can I combine my AAdvantage and Dividend Miles elite qualifying miles and segments to qualify for elite status?

No. Because we are currently maintaining two separate programs, elite qualifying miles and segments (and American’s points) only count toward elite status in the program in which they were earned. Elite credits will not be an additive between the two programs to determine a customer’s 2014 qualification or status.”

There can be a bit of back-and-forth about the meaning of “2014”:  Is that for elite status in 2014 or qualification (for 2015) by way of travel in 2015?  Fortunately, higher-profile bloggers have looked into this important matter.  One Mile at a Time’s post is still pending an update from the airlines, but Hack My Trip confirms this reading of the FAQ.

Somewhat awkwardly, this comes on the heels of the 50% mile bonus for cross-crediting US and American flights.  Registration with US Airways (for American flights) and American (for US Airways flights) is required.

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