I Need To Work On Being More Observant…

Last night, I was pondering what I should do with my US Airways miles, particularly as the merger with AA approaches near certainty.  A few days ago, there had been off-peak busines class availability to Europe for this weekend, I scrapped the idea in light of this weekend’s Nor’easter.  Looking again to see if any availability opened up later in February, I noticed that the blue off-peak label just… wasn’t there anymore.

FlyerTalk picked up a change to the award chart.  I’m inclined to agree with Gary:  The change’s timing defies logic.  Wandering Aramean has the two charts side-by-side, but the practical impact seems to be that off-peak business class awards to Europe are dead.  (First class awards to Hawaii and the medium/high buckets to the Middle East and Alaska went up, but these were not the highlights of the award chart.)

The saving graces?  Lucky points out that the 90k mile business class award from North America to Asia (via Europe) has been spared… for now.  In the meantime, I’m continuing to not look forward to the merger.

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