A Few Miles More: An Introduction

Since Hawaiian Airlines entered the New York market, there have been a number of fare wars for flights to Hawaii.  As I got to January 8th without any particular plans for MLK weekend, I decided to go to Maui.

While there were other cheaper fares to Hawaii, I ultimately picked a $555.80 roundtrip to Maui on American for two reasons:

  • Unlike its Hertz locations for rental cars, Maui had award availability for its hotels.
  • American worked out schedule-wise on both ends.

Thanks to some systemwide upgrades and AA’s generous elite upgrade success rates for Executive Platinum members, the entire trip was in premium cabins.

This trip’s title stems from the conversation I had with my seatmate from Los Angeles after he asked me why I was going to Maui.  After explaining my “hobby,” a thought occured to me:  This trip to Hawaii would be the furthest I traveled in a three-day weekend.  Traditionally, I’ve taken 5 day weekends to go to Hawaii or the Phillipines.  Europe’s a bit closer, but even I’ve taken 4 days to journey there.

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