My 2012 Mile and Point Earning and Burning

In the tradition of last year, it’s time to summarize where I went and how I got there.  I flew about 217k miles in 2012, approximately 186k of which were revenue miles.  Across my revenue and award travel, all but 49k miles were in premium cabins.

I had several redemptions:

I earned points and miles from a variety of sources.

  • On United, I finished the year with about 115k EQM or about 230k redeemable miles by flying.  I retained United 1K.
  • On American, I finished the year with 124k EQM.  Thanks to a number of promotions, I picked up 280k redeemable miles.  I retained American Executive Platinum.
  • With SPG, I earned 40k points from hotel stays (17 stays/21 nights) and credit card spending.  I retained Gold and missed Platinium.
  • With Hyatt, I earned 30k points from hotel stays (12 stays/13 nights).  I failed to retain Diamond.
  • By paying my rent with my credit card, I completed my spending requirements for the 100k British Airways credit card offer, earning an additional 25k points in the process.
  • I picked up 40k US Airways Dividend Miles with the US Airways Mastercard.

My total spend on flights occurring in 2012 (inclusive of OneWorldMegaDo) was $8231.15 (down from last year’s $8798.76), offset further by a gain of $1.1k in unspent United travel vouchers.  I spent $4532.77 (up from last year’s $2703.62) on hotels (41 stays and 54 nights) and $2144.72 (up from last year’s $1727.10) on rental cars (inclusive of insurance, but not gasoline, for 25 rentals, 46 rental days).

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