Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill

For my trip to Washington D.C. last month, I took to hotel hopping, both to get the best prices and to maximize my stay amenities. As I had taken a late evening train down from New York, I arrived at the hotel just after midnight. Interestingly, the front desk commented that I was the last Diamond to arrive for the evening, but even with a number of rooms available for sale online, this didn’t translate into an upgraded room.

The layout of the hotel left something to be desired.  In the morning, I ventured out of my room in search of the Regency Club to have breakfast.  From the elevator bank that I took to my room in the evening, the top two floors were marked but inaccessible.  As I was wandering around, I found a housekeeper, whose only suggestion for where the lounge might be directed me to the exercise center on a different floor.  Only after discovering a second elevator bank with access to the top floors was I able to get to the Regency Club just before breakfast ended.

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