Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel

With a 10AM departure out of Brussels back to New York, staying near the airport was a good strategy.  Convienently, at the time of booking the air travel, Starwood had a cash and points rate available for the Sheraton Brussels Airport hotel at 4k SPG points and 60USD.  In comparison, the hotel’s nightly prepaid, nonrefundable rate was typically running around 190 Euros for weekday stays.

The hotel is quite close to the airport.  Since the arrivals level is undergoing construction work, the advertised claim of “39 steps from the airport entrance” wasn’t quite accurate due to poor signage, but getting to and from the terminal on the departures level was straightforward enough.

At the end of checking in, the front desk clear had completely forgotten about the SPG Gold amenity.  Figuring that internet would run 10-20 Euros, I asked about it.  He stated my options and I indicated I wanted the internet (as paying 10 Euros for 250 points is a miserable value).  At checkout, the fee for internet access wound up appearing on the bill as apparently my amenity hadn’t even been entered by the clerk the previous day.


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