American Airlines Business Class New York to San Francisco

Outside of my hastily put together award trip to Australia and New Zealand and a very brief visit to Montreal, roughly 134k of the 144k miles I flew last year were domestic, primarily flying to Los Angeles and the Bay Area.  This year is no different.

In the past, I’ve written extensively about United’s p.s. service from New York Kennedy to San Francisco and Los Angeles, ranging from the vast legroom of Row 9 to the first class experience.  In December, I completed American Airlines’ Executive Platinum status match challenge from United.  Unlike p.s., which is ineligible for complimentary premier upgrades, American offers its Executive Platinum members complimentary upgrades even on its Flagship Service on JFK-SFO/LAX.

As someone who has made 8 trips to Los Angeles and 6 trips to San Francisco this year, I’m one to appreciate upgrades when I can have them.  Had I not directed the bulk of those trips to American (only 2 of the 14 trips were on United), I would have exhausted my 4 regional upgrades and 6 system wide upgrades that I earned last year with United in April if I used them only for the redeye flights I took.  (Let’s not talk about what I would have done for the next 8 months of the year.)

Nonetheless, I’ve become somewhat complacent and deferred writing up a trip report of the service, so here goes.

American 17
New York Kennedy (JFK) – San Francisco (SFO)
Friday, April 20th
Depart:  7:30PM
Arrive: 10:09PM
Duration:  5 hours, 39 minutes
Aircraft: Boeing 767-223ER (N335AA)
Seat: 11D (Business Class)

The menu read as follows:

I passed on the shrimp appetizer that came with the first course.

Conveniently, American has offered a vegetarian pasta dish with every JFK-LAX/SFO dinner flight I’ve had…  I contrast with the choice of a “cold chicken salad” or a “cold chicken sandwich” that I’ve experienced all too often on United.


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