The Best-Laid Plans: United Global First Lounge Tokyo Narita

Since I was an arriving passenger from a Global First flight, I had access to the first class lounge in Tokyo for my three hour layover.  If nothing else, it made for a change of scenery from March.

Upon entering, I presented my boarding pass to the check-in podium.  I’m not sure why it’s necessary, but I was escorted to the elevator bank up to the first class level.  Would armed guards have tackled me if I tried to press the elevator call button on my own?

As noted before, the lounge has unique artwork.

The lounge had a slightly different food selection than the main lounge.

The views and decor are the essentially the same (the first class lounge sits one level above the main lounge).

I never found out the reason, but while I was waiting for my flight to Manila, an EVA Air A330 was met by emergency personnel on the ground to be towed away while followed by a slow moving procession of firetrucks:

After about two hours in the United lounge, I left for the ANA lounge closer to my departure gate to get my seat changed (from the second to last row middle seat on a 763 to an aisle) and to flee the deteriorating wifi quality.  While I did get my seat changed, the ANA lounge was packed and the wifi was somehow even worse than the one I had left.

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