Asia, the Long Way: Swiss Business Class Zürich to Bangkok

Zürich Airport has a terrific aircraft observation deck prior to the main security checkpoints.  (Since it seems the emergency exits for it dump out onto the tarmac, the area has its own screening checkpoint.)  As I had some time to kill and I preferred to look at planes rather than my laptop inside of the Senator lounge, I spent a bit of time there.

A number of the benches are marked with major cities and their distances from Zürich, including my next destination, Bangkok.

The Swiss Senator Lounge in Zürich was no different than the Lufthansa Senator Lounges I’ve seen, with the exception that chocolates were substituted for pretzels.

Swiss 180
Zürich (ZRH) to Bangkok (BKK)
Tuesday, March 26th
Depart: 10:45PM
Arrive: 2:40PM
Duration: 10 hours, 55 minutes
Aircraft: A340-313X (HB-JMG)
Seat: 10A (Business Class)

First class boards from the forward entry door.  Business class and economy board from the middle door.

Swiss Business Class is configured in a staggered configuration, giving some seats direct window and aisle access.  I chose 10A over the wing.

Unlike every other airline I’ve experienced to date, Swiss provides a card with instructions on how to use the seat.

The seat was superb in all aspects except for its underseat storage as my laptop bag could not be stuffed sufficiently into the opening in front of me to satisfy the cabin crew for takeoff/landing purposes.

The amenity kit was nothing extraordinary:

With tradition, the takeoff flight show:

The menu read as follows:

I had ordered a vegetarian meal in advance, which featured the artichoke ravioli on the main menu.

Dinner ended while we were north of Turkey, over the Black Sea.  I finished watching my movie and went to bed, enjoying the two meter long bed.

I woke up about an hour outside of Bangkok to have breakfast of a croissant, some yogurt, and juice.  (Considering the time change, this wound up being my lunch.)

Overall, I was astounded by the quality of the Swiss business class product, from seat, to cabin crew, to food served.

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