Is it us, or is the world shrinking?

As one of the gotchas of the switch over to the legacy Continental systems of the merged United Airlines, the powers which be decided to reduce the distances between many city-pairs.  While some of these were understandable changes (when the airport moved but the mileage did not change) but many were inexplicable.  The Atlantic shrank.  The continental United States shrank.  The Pacific shrank.

A while back, United ran a major ad campaign in New York.  When reports first surfaced of this problem on FlyerTalk, I was unable to find any photos on Google Images of one particular billboard.  As a result, I was quite thrilled when I, bleary-eyed from a redeye into Newark, came across a sign in the concourse:

Yesterday, United announced to FlyerTalk they would reverse the mileage changes and retroactively fix flights which had credited in the meantime.

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