A Weekend Jaunt to Europe: Lufthansa Tower Lounge Frankfurt

I had quite a bit of time to kill at the Frankfurt Airport.  I first visited the Lufthansa Senator lounge, finding it to be quite crowded when I first arrived.  (A number of passengers, including myself, had to wait a few minutes for a seat to open up.)  I then exited the Schengen area of the airport to visit the Tower Lounge.

The views of the airport are quite stunning.

In the distance, the tail of N780UA is hiding behind the terminal pier.

Compared to the Senator lounge with its never ending supply of soft pretzels, this lounge had a much more extensive snack selection.  (Unfortunately, most of my pictures of the food and drink selection have gone missing in action in the month since this trip happened.)

With a few minutes before boarding was to commence, I scurried to the other end of the pier to my gate so I could take a few pictures of the plane before departure.

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