Membership has its Rewards: Four Points Sydney Darling Harbour

For my three days, two nights in Sydney, I booked a revenue stay at the Four Points by Sheraton Sydney Darling Harbour.


I was quite pleased by the location, as it was a short walk from the restaurants and shops of Darling Harbour while still remaining close to the central business district of Sydney.

From exiting customs at the airport, I took the train and immediately headed to my hotel.  I was able to check-in at 10AM, but the best room available was on the third floor.  I took it, happy to be able to take a shower.

LCD TV notwithstanding, the room was showing its age.  In terms of upkeep (or simply an oversight in design), the door bar had made a small, but sizeable dent in the plaster of the wall.  In more practical areas, I was most disappointed by the internet access, especially at 24.50 AUD per day.  The connection in the room was wired and was rather slow.  The experience reminded me of the present state of wifi on airplanes within the United States, except that the wifi on airplanes is cheaper (order $12.95 for a transcontinental flight) and faster.

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