Amex Bonus Bumping

As discussed last week, I applied for (and received) the Amex Premier Rewards Gold card with a rather paltry bonus for $1k of spending.  I sent a secure message last night to apply promotion 6661 (75k points for $1k of spending) and was turned down.  A quick call to Membership Rewards this morning got the bonus applied to my account; although it should be fun to see whether the points credit automatically.  I’m not counting on it.

In the past 24 hours or so, this appears to have become an increasingly YMMV situation.  Promo codes are being checked for targeting.  FlyerTalk has reported failures.  Online Travel Review suggests that this is par for the course.

With the closure of the US Mint Direct Ship program for credit card funded purchases, it should be fun to get the $1k of spending onto this card quickly to resolve whether I’m actually going to bonus.

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