American Airlines Discount Codes

There are a few discount codes for travel on American Airlines floating around if you’re touching an eligible city.  (Hat tip:  View from the Wing)

The 10% off code, 5591AG, is good for travel to AMA, AVP, BMI, BNA, BOS, BUR, CHA, CLE, COS, CVG, DFW, EVV, EWR, FSD, FSD, GRR, GSP, HPN, ICT, JFK, LAX, LGA, MCI, MKE, MLU, ONT, ORD, PDX, PIA, SEA, SFO, SGF, SHV, SJC, SNA, TOL, and TUL.

There’s another 10% off code, 6881BN, good for travel to LAX, BUR, ONT, and SNA.

The 15% off code, 4681BX, is applicable to BOS, BUR, BWI, DCA, DFW, EWR, FLL, HPN, IAD, JFK, LAS, LAX, LGA, MIA, ONT, ORD, PBI, SAN, SFO, SJC, SNA.  A discussion on FlyerTalk suggests that this code may have been disabled.  There’s a targeted offer for a 15% code if you install AA’s DealFinder 2.0 application on your computer.

Given AA gift cards with a $300 face value can be purchased at Costco for $269.99, the gift card discount and the 15% code can be stacked to net a 23.5% discount on the base fare.  When plugging in the codes for some fall travel tonight, the code only discounts the base fare.  Any applicable taxes will be on the discounted fare but aren’t discounted themselves.


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