Cleared to First Class

Around 3AM Eastern, my upgrade for my DEN-SJC segment cleared 11 hours in advance.

Seat selection didn’t happen until I got to JFK in the morning due to some computer glitch, so I wound up in 1F.

In contrast to my memory of 1F on an A320 for a LAX-ORD redeye, this seat came with a small cutout in the bulkhead to improve the legroom a bit.

Our predeparture beverage choices were water and orange juice:

Our just over two hour flight came with lunch service, opened by warm nuts:

Since my upgrade cleared only 11 hours out before the flight, I couldn’t place a vegetarian meal request by the 24 hour cut off.  I ended up having the mushroom soup being served with the normal catering’s choices of chicken sandwiches and turkey salads and a snack box from economy as my lunch.

The audio jacks in seats 1EF weren’t working, so I didn’t have the chance to catch Channel 9.  Nonetheless, it was a pretty good short-haul flight.  The purser stayed attentive to the small first class cabin.

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