Free One-Day Hertz Rental

Hertz is rebranding their rewards program from “Hertz #1 Club” to “Hertz Gold Plus” for reasons which are beyond me.  Either way, they’re offering 500 points with the new program, good for a free weekend day, as well as waiving the $60 annual fee for #1 Club Gold through September 30th if you register.

I rent from Hertz fairly consistently because they’ve been waiving the age surcharge in promotions over the past year.   In May, Hertz kicked #1 Club Gold status my way for 3 year-to-date rentals, although it looks like I could have gotten it from having Continental OnePass Gold status or from Hertz’s current “Gold Family” promotion.  I signed up for it not expecting that much value (such that I’d pay to renew it next year if need be), but it allowed me to make it to Penn & Teller on-time after my flight from Houston departed and arrived late last month.

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