I got bit by the travel bug about nine months ago when I was about to start my senior year of college. Since then, I’ve graduated and moved to New York to work as a research scientist. For now, I’m flying on American Airlines with Platinum status and United Airlines with Premier Executive status. As a result, I’m bound to emphasize One World and the Star Alliance in my travels far more than Skyteam or independent carriers.

This year, I’m aiming to fly about 125,000 paid miles between the two programs for the year.

At first glance, that 125,000 mile goal could appear lofty and, more importantly, rather expensive. Had someone told me I would be doing this any earlier than eight months ago, I would have thought the same, but nothing could further from the truth. Planning my trips so that they are sanely priced is part of fun, just as the little nuances of the airport and the airplane enrich the experience do (at least for me).


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