Another Marriott Promo

Loyalty Traveler reports another Marriott promotion for the fall, running not quite concurrently with their MegaBonus promotion.  Earning is limited to United, Delta, British Airways, Lufthansa, GOL/Varig, and LAN.

  • The first stay earns a base of 2 miles per dollar.
  • The second stay has a 1k mile bonus.
  • The third and fourth stays have a 1.5k mile bonus.
  • Subsequent stays have a 2k mile bonus.

The bonus is capped at 30k bonus points (or 17 stays).  The main advantage to this promotion is that it starts on September 1st.  If I stayed at Marriott hotels more frequently (or at least planned to this fall), this promotion would be a helpful addition to the MegaBonus promotion.  My offer was for a free night after two stays,  up to two free nights.  While a 4k mile bonus isn’t as valuable as two free nights, it’s a useful promotion (for the Marriott traveler) beyond that or before the MegaBonus promotion kicks in.

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