Asia, the Long Way: United Club Tokyo Narita

Because of my short redeye into Tokyo, I actually wound up going to bed early and somehow managed to wake up after sleeping about 8 hours.  This left me with a few hours to kill in my hotel room, eating breakfast at my hotel, and then finally a few more hours to kill at the airport.

Star Alliance carriers share much of the check-in space at the south wing of Terminal 1.  I arrived at the terminal a bit before the three hours prior to departure mark and saw that Turkish was assigned to the same check-in area as Air China.  After a highly choreographed changeover, check-in opened and I was advised to relax in the United Club until my flight began boarding.

For once, I found a United Club offering a fare different than cheese, crackers, and trail mix.

The lounge was nearly empty while I was there.

The Tulip lives.

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