Asia, the Long Way: SAS Scandinavian Lounge Copenhagen and Swiss Business Class Copenhagen to Zürich

With an hour and a half to kill before my flight, I popped into the SAS Lounge at Copenhagen Airport. As a Star Gold member, I was admitted to the Scandinavian lounge area rather than the Business Class lounge. While I did have access to the Servisair and Novis Lounges at the airport with my Priority Pass card (from having an American Express Platinum card), the lounge was nice and the Internet connection fast so I had no reason to justify lounge hopping.

The Scandinavian lounge is on the upper level, primarily overlooking the Business lounge.
The upper level has a few seating areas.  One overlooks the concourse and looks into the lounge itself.

Another seating area spanned back to have landside views.

The middle area had a small area for snacks (salads, pita components, drinks, desserts) and a fireplace.

The gate for my Swiss flight was a bit removed from the central part of the terminal (where the SAS lounge was), so I left a bit early only to discover that our inbound aircraft was late.

Swiss 1273
Copenhagen (CPH) to Zürich (ZRH)
Saturday, March 24th
Depart: 8:15PM
Arrive: 9:33PM
Duration: 1 hour, 18 minutes
Aircraft: A321-111 (HB-IOF)
Seat: 6F (Business Class)

The flight was rather empty with 3 business class passengers (for 6 rows of seats) and a mostly empty economy cabin.

For a coach-style seat, the legroom was quite good.

Even for a short, intra-European hop, the flight came with a meal.  I had ordered a vegetarian meal and with the sparse cabin, I didn’t get a look at what the other passengers were served:

The chickpea, pepper, cucumber, hummus, and lime dish had a short life as the best airline meal I’ve ever had.  (The title was seized by the dinner service on LX180, Zürich to Bangkok, two days later.)



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