American Airlines Elite Rewards

American announced end-of-year bonuses for its elite members who satisfy certain elite qualifying point requirements who register by December 15th.  For Platinum and Executive Platinum members, it is possible to gift Gold to another AAdvantage member.

The qualification cutoffs are 40,000-49,999 EQP for Gold members, 75,000-99,999 EQP for Platinum members, and 125,000+ EQP for Executive Platinum members.  For the two lower tiers, these cutoffs reflect nearly (although it’s a bit of a stretch on the bottom end) qualifying for the next tier up on elite qualifying points alone (50k and 100k respectively).

Since it works on points rather than miles (and I tend to buy deep discount economy tickets, earning 0.5 EQP per mile), I’m unlikely to earn anything from this promotion.  Nonetheless, here’s to hoping that United brings back its elite rewards for this year as I’m on track to make 1K.

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